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SWL 3-5t
AG258 2.5t Kone Cranes Single girder box beam crane. 21 meters wide. 21161mm, TBC

2 speed: lifting cross travel and long travel.

Radio remote.

Supporting steelwork.

AB9 3.2t Semi portal crane Python semi goliath crane Half goliath crane, floor running one side steelwork the other. TBC, photos available Details on the semi portal / goliath crane, c/w twin lift hoist. DETAILS
SOLD 3.2t SWL single girder crane

Street Cranes with new 3 phase rope hoist

With new monorail electric hoist. Option also for self supporting steel. 17.4 meters wide, TBC. More info



3.2t, 2 off.



Used single girder cranes, we have a matched pair.
13960mm span
Crane details, was removed from Warwick.



Stahl monorail crane system.

Monorail Crane with an electric 3.2t hoist.

20 meter long over 5 goal posts spaced at 5100mm column centers. Details

AG227 and AG248, we have 2 in stock.

3.2t crane. CAD drawing available.

Street Cranes. As new.

Being sold on behalf of one of our customers.

Single girder crane with 9.6 meters of down shop free standing support steel work and columns.

10 and 11 meters span.

Was sited in Winchester

Details of the crane and steelwork

Crane cad drawing.

SOLD 3.2t Konecrane Glasgow Double girder, as new no need to recondition. 13.552 meters


Twin beam crane.



3t SWL

Inverter travel included on the end carriages

Single girder crane.

Morris Material Handling, Loughborough

Single box beam crane.

C/W a Morris CXT wire rope hoist.

4/1 wore rope reeving.

Two in stock;

10.5 meters span

15 meters span




Height of lift 6 meters



Crane sold support steel in stock.

SWF Nova Crane

Used SWF Nova Crane

Double girder crane with a sunken crab unit, to give excellent headroom. slightly used.


Crane sold support steel in stock.

More info

More info Built buy Granada Cranes.

AG192 3.2t, like new condition. Secondhand Streetcranes Single girder, as new unused crane. 12.6 meters.

5 meter floor to rail height columns and rail available. 30 meters of down shop.


AB7 3.2 tonnes Demag Double girder EOTC 17.5 mitts details
AB32 3.2t STREETCRANE Double beam with sunken crab unit 11400, support steel also available.

Details and a drawing.

3880mm hook to floor.

AG 46 3.2 tonne Morris 400 series2 speed crane single beam crane 12.545 meters support steel available 28 meters. DETAILS
AG37 3.2 tonnes Street Portal Crane double girder semi portal or goliath crane. 18.5 / 19.2 meters. TBC DETAILS
AG246 4 tonne Morris overhead gantry crane single girder crane 10.3 meters. details.
AG247 4 tonne S.W.L. Konecranes; Secondhand but as new. 4t SWL Konecrane single girder beam crane, refurbished.

Varying spans 8 to 11.7 meters.

36 meters per side of crane rail available.

2 Speed lifting.

Includes down shop free standing gantry rail and columns.

More details

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